CTMS V2, A dedicated telephone system solution for group enterprises

National or international group enterprises are either overpriced on long distance telephone bills every month with a complex telephone system infrastructure, or keep paying monthly rental to a hosted service. Is there any better solution for group enterprises, that don’t have to pay monthly rental for hosted service, but still enjoy the simple telephone infrastructure and no long distance charges?

ZYCOO CTMS (Cloud Telephony Management System) solution is the answer. CTMS is a unique software based solution, with which you can integrate up to 30 ZYCOO CooVox-V2 series IPPBXs in a single VoIP telephony network for unified communications.

   Benefits of CTMS V2:

Free calling from office to office.
Phone calls from office to office within the CTMS infrastructure are totally free of charge.

Bridge outbound calls from any branch to PSTN
Outbound calls made through other nodes in same CTMS network, only pay for destination local call fees. That cut off the long distance or international call fees you were supposed to pay without CTMS.

Unified Extension Identification
Custom unified extension numbers.
-i.e. UK branch extension: 44xxx
-China branch extension: 86xxx

ROI of CTMS--the longer you use CTMS, the more money
you will save.

License of CTMS is based on how many branch offices you have and once purchased the license is lifetime effective. There are no per user license fees, feature license fees or any other additional costs.

Simple centralized administration
The whole CTMS infrastructure from HQ could be well managed through a single web interface. You don't have to hire IT teams or outsourcing maintenance for the branch offices.

Secure and private
CTMS infrastructure is secured by built in VPN facilities. The server and IPPBX's are managed by the corporations themselves. No one else off this infrastructure can get access to any of your phone call services and data.

Superior call quality
Support a wide range of audio codecs, fits your different network conditions and guarantees your phone call voice quality.

Every CTN in CTMS can be separately upgraded with very limited cost (mostly for hardware only), fast and easy to upgrade fitting your business scale. Future branch offices can be easily connected to the existing CTMS infrastructure.


  • One-time investment on CTMS it's cost-effective for a long run, but with hosted PBX you have to pay for per user per month and you cannot predict how high these fees of hosted PBX may go in the future.
  • CTMS gives you full control, you can implement changes whenever you like until it exactly suits your business, you enjoy ultimate flexibility while with hosted PBX you just give up control, only a handful administer options available.
  • With CTMS solution, adding new users is as simple as purchasing several phones, but adding new users to hosted PBX means more phones and also more expenses per month.
  • No extra feature license fees will be charged by ZYCOO on CTMS, but with hosted PBX, fees can be increased and some advanced features also needs license fees to unlock.
  • CTMS keeps data private, hosted PBX keeps your data in the cloud, if your company has strict security compliance guidelines that require hosting data behind your own corporate firewall, hosted PBX won't be a good choice.
  • CTI integration with your existing software or applications available in CTMS infrastructure, but with hosted PBX you'll have to pay for online solutions.


Name Version Size Release Date Download
CTMS White Paper V2 1.02 MB Aug. 18, 2016
CTMC User Manual V2 2.26 MB Aug. 26, 2016
CTN User Manual V2 899.57 KB Aug. 26, 2016



Name Version Size Release Date Download
CTMC Installation Image V2.0.1 967 MB Aug. 11, 2016
CooVox U20V2 CTN Software V2.0.2 9.19 MB Aug. 11, 2016
CooVox U50V2 CTN Software V2.0.2 9.20 MB Aug. 11, 2016
CooVox U80 CTN Software V2.0.2 8.09 MB Aug. 11, 2016
CooVox U100V2 CTN Software V2.0.2 8.09 MB Aug. 11, 2016