Competitive ISDN 2BRI IP PBX exclusively for small business.


Small business price, Large business features.

Zycoo developed a competitive ISDN 2BRI IP PBX exclusively for small business.

CooVox U20 is always a very hot seller to all small business, due to competitive price and rich features. We are happy to announce now ISDN 2BRI is available to be ordered with CooVox U20, as a impact, reliable and standalone ISDN BRI IP phone system.

CooVox U20 2BRI is built for small business ISDN line subscribers who are looking to integrate IP phones, VoIP trunks and ISDN BRI connectivity with advanced telephony features. It will be well serving small business within 30 users, supports ISDN BRI TE and NT mode, connect to Telco or add SIP to legacy PBX with full VoIP functionality. 

This low cot device packs a powerful punch, with a rich feature set that can rival the most expensive of Enterprise solutions in today’s market place. U20-2BRI is built on powerful open source Asterisk 13, unlike cloud solutions, there is no ongoing per user costs and therefore will significantly reduce a business telecoms Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the products lifetime.

Advanced features come free with CooVox U20-2BRI: call recording and mornitoring, inbound IVR queues, ring group, time rules, conference rooms, mobility extension, virtual fax, voice mail and voice mail to email, call divert and follow me, video calls, VPN server / client for secure remote working, etc.